"Radiant beauty: Take a confident step together "

Harmony of tranquil edge and minimalism. A world of beauty woven by sophisticated design and profound philosophy. We pursue unique beauty that shines through each person's individuality.

We take inspiration from the world seen through MISUMISO's filters and reflect it in our products and style.

Even when you are driven to despair, the world you see is always beautiful. We explore the definition of beauty that is common to both the ever-changing inner world and the unchanging outer world.

white german sweatshirt

Brand name

``MISUMISO'' is named after the ``MISUMISO'' flower, which means ``confidence'' and ``trust'' in the language of flowers.

A delicate yet strong flower that survives the harsh winter under the snow and blooms first in spring. A fusion of outward beauty and inner strength.

white german sweatshirt